Penny Ives | AVENUE GRACE CREATIVE contributor

While perusing the internet, scanning articles and research papers, in hopes of finding a tidbit of inspiration that I thought might be worth sharing, I stumbled across an article talking about upcoming ‘Sci-Fi’ like changes headed our way within the next 10 or so years.  – Or sooner… or NOW.

Growth is inevitable, and realizing that our little portion of shared real estate on this great planet we live will soon inhabit such things as designated lanes for self-driving cars, personal drone air-taxis and little computers we wear on our faces, (aka-“Smart Glasses”) is nothing short of surreal.  This in itself makes my head feel like it will explode as I work to wrap my tiny neurons around what this means for the advertiser and consumer.  It takes me back to the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report; depicting gifted humans called Pre-Cogs, who had amazing powers, predicting crimes before they ever happened.  Digital banner ads in the mall knew exactly what ads to display to the individual walking by ~ Craziness!

This may not seem relevant at all to the small business owner who’s been lying awake for countless hours each night, trying to determine the best place to put their advertising dollars.  But, it’s perfectly relevant.  The technology to deliver those personalized ads to the consumer is here, along with autonomous travel and tiny computers that we adorn our bodies with to perfectly accessorize the clothes we’re wearing.

I meet so many business owners who’ve poured their blood, sweat and tears into every facet of their product and service.  They’ve created the perfect business plan, skipped the daily latte and sometimes even a meal – in effort to make ends meet while building their brand.  To say it’s a lot of work and sacrifice is an understatement!  The last thing you want to do is treat your hard earned dollar like that of a dart, being thrown by one with a very bad aim.

Don’t overthink it.  Do your research.  Use your contacts.  And by all means, work with someone you trust.  Traditional media, like television and radio will always have a place.  But using only this medium to push your message out to your target audience, means you’re missing out on so much opportunity.  If you opened your business with dreams of growth and prosperity, and your bottom line is more like that of a nightmare; it’s time to take another look at your dream’s direction.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local production and advertising companies for insight.  Most have chosen their profession because they love helping businesses like yours prosper and grow.  If your media partner is doing their job right, you’ll get not only the answers to your questions, but a wealth of information surrounding the available advertising mediums within your financial reach.

There is a misconception among small business owners that delivering their message to the consumer who’s actively seeking out their product and services, is too expensive.  This is just not the case any longer.  Talk to your media partner.  They’re passionate about marketing and full of very helpful marketing advice, whether beneficial to them or not.